How Low Can You Go?

Emma Stone, Charlize Theron - Image via teen.com
How do we know in what way/to what extent to display our femininity (cleavage) when picking a dress? I want to illustrate this very important but nevertheless difficult question- and its answers- by red carpet pictures taken at the Oscars and the Golden Globes 2012. In this first example we have the A) beautiful, B) skinny and most importantly C) small boobed bosomed Emma Stone and Charlize Theron. Both look absolutely stunning and not a bit cheap when wearing very deeply cut dresses and this is so because of a perfect balance of A, B & C.

Jennifer Lopez - Image via oscar.go.com

Second case: J.Lo. She is pretty, no doubt. Also she might be curvy, but she's far away from being fat. However, her dress looks much less flattering because she does not fulfill C/ has a C (cup)!!!

Meryl Streep - Image via oscar.go.com
For her, no categories! She's amazing. She looks so gorgeous and natural at her age. Period.

Pamela Anderson - Image via eonline.com
Hihi. I want to name this picture: D Cup And Up. Well, except that you can see ALL parts of her femininity, her cleavage is way waaaaaaayyy too deep.

Conclusion: the rise of cleavage should directly correlate, if not be causal with the decline of cup size.

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