So simple, yet so genius

Sometimes you see a woman who just looks great when wearing a simple outfit. Don't get me wrong, I found nothing bad about overloading outfits with different cuts, fabrics, prints, accessories etc. when done in the right way, but seeing a woman wearing something simple and looking as gorgeous, is rare. It seems like Aussie women -who I always thought had absolutely no style- work this look exceptionally well, at least the ones' Tommy Ton captured off- catwalk at Sydney fashion week.

Look 1) Your boyfriend is very tall, very strong and very big. Just take his training Shirt (or buy), and pair it with a pair of really feminine heels (no plateau, it's not a walk of shame!!) and a little designer pouch.

Look 2) Choose a whole outfit in the same tone. It's more interesting to use different prints (see above) but different fabrics or details can also work. Now,  simply add a handbag in a statement bold color. Personally, I love how the orange works with the navy.

Look 3) Combine a slouchy grey short with an even more slouchy, white silk top !!!!tucked in!!!! Throw over a structured blazer and big buckled belt and that's it. Sweatshirt wrapped around waist is optional, but if you can pull it off, go ahead!

All images via style.com

Look 4) The woman in this picture is extra genius. She clearly likes biker accessories, such as the leather vest and the spiked leather and metal bracelets. BUT, as she knows it would be too much to wear all of this, especially in a warmer climate, she decided to get it all in pastel colors for a feminine and summery touch.


  1. The T-shirt Dress!!!! Gorgeous!!

  2. All outfits are stunning

  3. wow i love this style! amazing colors!