Fou or Chou? On How To Wear Fur

I know the fur season is practically over and we want to focus on more light fabrics with spring on its' way.. But as we say goodbye to our (beloved) furs, I want to quickly go over some of the most daring and creative among these specimen in early 2012. Although very risky, these ladies somehow (they're geniuses) still managed to look gorgeous.

1) The costume:
Whether this means a black/white striped skunk like (referring to actual animal) one, or like a furry creature from sesame street, as seen on Anna Dello Russo, both variations are meant only and solely for the rather extravagant type.

2) The Cape:
This can include mink "sleeved" capes, superman like feathery capes and, my personal favorite, the "raven wings". 

3) The Fur Trim:
This is the more moderate use of fur- as trim on sleeves and hemlines

All images via Style.com

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  1. Very inspiring.. but definitely too fou for a everyday outfit..:)